The Process

  • When will I receive my videos?
    Generally speaking, you will receive everything no later than 6-8 weeks after your wedding date. We always release a trailer on Facebook and Instagram with a guaranteed release date so that you're never in the dark about when you'll see your final film! You can expect to receive your gift box within a week after the final film is released.

  • Can I make special requests?
    Of course! Please note however that though we will try our best to accommodate any and all requests, some requests may not be possible for whatever reasons.

  • Can you not upload my video online?
    We can refrain from uploading your video for an added fee. Part of our contract requires that you give us the right to use your video for marketing purposes, but we also understand and want to respect your privacy! Please make sure to mention this before we start any invoicing.

  • Do you also do photography?
    Unfortunately no, we do not offer photography services.

  • Are you available for destination weddings?
    Yes, we're available for travel worldwide (depending on availability)! Please contact us for more information.

The Interview

  • Do I have to do the interview?
    Yes! Five Sixteen Films is a storytelling brand and not a lifestyle/events videography service. We exist to share your story and not just capture a moment, which means the interviews are imperative to making your wedding film a unique narrative. Our goal is to focus on the journey of marriage, and not just the day it happens.

  • But I’m REALLY camera shy and I’m not eloquent at all…
    No worries! Our job is to make sure you come out looking and sounding your very best while maintaining the authenticity of your answers. We have over seven years of experience in interviewing people on camera and have learned how to make the interview session as casual as possible, like having a simple conversation with a friend :)

  • How long is the interview?
    Each person should take no more than one hour (historically it has been closer to 30-40 minutes each). We ask that each person waits out of earshot while the other does his or her interview to ensure that we get the most natural responses as possible.

  • Where are we doing the interview?
    There is no one set location, as we try to set a location that has some sort of personal significance or is just convenient in general. Because there are also many different factors that play into finding a good location (i.e. accessibility, noise-level, visual appeal, etc.), this is one of the discussions that we will follow up on as the interview day draws nearer (usually 1-2 months prior to the wedding date, unless otherwise discussed).

  • What kinds of questions do you ask?
    We found that providing the actual questions in advance results in very unnatural dialogue on camera (i.e. we don’t want you to script your answers!). So generally speaking, the questions revolve around your experiences, thoughts, and reflections as an individual and as a couple. We ask about topics ranging from simple stories about how you met or your first date, to deeper dialogues about any reflections you have about the significance of your marriage and who your future spouse is to you.

The Pricing

  • What do you mean the package "starts" at $2,800?
    Though we try to avoid additional costs as much as possible, certain circumstances inevitably require additional costs (especially in Southern California). The most common include insurance fees for venues that require Certificate of Insurance (COI) from vendors, or travel fees depending on the location of your wedding.

  • What is the $500 deposit for?
    We require an initial deposit to secure our calendar and to cover upfront costs such as equipment and/or studio rentals.

  • When do I have to pay the deposit by?
    The initial deposit is due at least 1-2 months prior to the wedding date. The remaining balance must be paid no later than a week after the wedding date.

  • What sort of payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payments both online (PayPal, Venmo) and in person (cash, checks, all major cards). Please note that up to 2.9% processing fees will apply for credit cards.

  • $2,800 doesn't fit my budget... do you offer any cheaper packages?
    Though we don't officially offer any other packages, we can negotiate less of the existing package for a lower rate. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can work with your budget! We can be quite flexible and strive to provide excellent service for fair rates. We pour our heart and soul into telling the best version of our clients' wedding journeys and we simply ask that you understand the investment that goes into our efforts :)